The faculty consists of international experts and local specialists. This is to ensure high quality in both the theoretical and practical sessions of the courses.

Faculty members 2016

Nina Petrova, London, UK
Alberto Piaggesi, Pisa, Italy
Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stephan Morbach, Soest, Germany
Ludwig Schwering, Rheine, Germany
Ernst Chantelau, Bremen, Germany
Maximillian Spraul, Rheine, Germany
Armin Koller, Rheine, Germany
Herr Damer, Rheine, Germany 
Raimund Fiedler, Rheine, Germany
Guido Schomacher, Rheine, Germany
Swetlana Schnar, Rheine, Germany

Scientific responsibility

Maximilian Spraul, Prof. Dr. med.
Armin Koller, Dr. med.
Ludwig Schwering, Dr. med.
Frankenburgstr. 31
48431 Rheine